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EXP 6000-Ultimate Ground Scanner

The exp 6000 ground scanner and 3d metal detector is one of exp okm's top of the line detecting tools for treasure hunters, metal detectorists, archaeolog

Eletrónica em Maranhão - faz 11 hora(s)
3D GOLD STAR-Powerful & Innovative Metal Detector

100% reliabilitythe 3d gold star.it is designed to detect treasures and precious metals 3d such as gold, silver, and bronze. it can also be used to detec

Most Trusted Walk Through Metal Detector- GARRETT PD6500i

The newest, most reliable walkthrough metal detector which is commonly used in most events with high volumes of moving patrons such as olympic games, world

Eletrónica em Goiás - faz 5 dia(s)
Most Reliable Water Finder-FRESH RESULT 2 System

Gerdetect proudly introduces the world's latest technology for underground water most detectionthe fresh result 2system device.it is perfect for farmers, a

Eletrónica em Mato Grosso - faz 1 semana(s)
Most Reliable Water Finder-FRESH RESULT 1 System

Fresh result is a modern and best german device for water detection. it has most been tested for accuracy before putting it on the market. the device is sm

TITAN GER 400-Long Range Gold/Metal Detector

And techniquesthe titan ger 400.in the world of modern technology, one device titan can now work with four different search systems namely: 1. long range sy

Eletrónica em Parana - faz 2 semana(s)
TITAN GER 500-Gemstones Detector

Your targetthe titan ger 500. it is the perfect fit for your needs. it titan has a long range detecting system which can scan up to 2,500 meters front range

1 R$
Eletrónica em Pernambuco - faz 2 semana(s)
For Sale Apple iPhone 7 Plus 32GB Jet Black --$600/Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge 32GB..$450

Are available for sales at affordable prices with one year for international warranty. 100% moneyback guarantee....please review our returns policy for mo

500 R$
Eletrónica em Espírito Santo - faz 4 semana(s)

High speed line scan camera as commercial products. the company designs, line develops & manufacture wide range of analog line scan cameras standard &a

Eletrónica em Acre - faz 4 semana(s)

Efforts, our 35 mm & 50 mm f mount lenses are developed with optimal precision techniques & produce high quality images. our camera lenses are

Eletrónica em Acre - faz 4 semana(s)
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